Formula Palmer Audi

Formula Palmer Audi has proved itself over the last 10 years to be one of the premier training grounds for aspiring Formula 1 drivers. Nine FPA graduates have progressed to Formula 1, with many more racing in premier international championships such as Champ Cars, DTM, Japanese Super GT, British Touring Cars, LMES and World Touring Cars.

All cars in the championship are owned, prepared and run by the FPA team, which is based in 30,000sq ft workshops at its own test track, Bedford Autodrome. Every car is prepared to the same standard by a team of highly experienced engineers, ensuring absolute equality of equipment for all drivers and providing the unique "level playing field" that has provided the springboard for so many talented drivers.

The cars are strong and safe: in over 4,000 race starts there has never been a critical injury in FPA. With equality of machinery assured, the racing is close and there is plenty of overtaking. The cars have 300bhp from a 1.8-litre turbocharged Audi engine, which also incorporates an innovative "overboost" feature that increases power to 360bhp for an eight second burst. On the push of a button, each driver can call upon extra power to help complete a pass, or defend a challenge!

The cars are fitted with a single-plane front wing, two-plane rear wing and a large rear diffuser to provide aerodynamic grip, while 250/570 section front tyres and 300/600 section rear tyres provide the mechanical grip. FPA is renowned for providing some of the most spectacular single-seater racing in the UK.

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Formula Palmer Audi


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